5 Ways Your Small Business Can Stand Out Online in 2022

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Nowadays, the internet is absolutely filled with small businesses and their sites, all trying to look the best. Not to mention, the best ways to make your business stand out online change year after year. It can feel like a struggle to get your name out there, but it’s always good practice to know how you can set your site apart from your competition. Being prepared to change your web design, and marketing strategies regularly, to attract and please customers is often one of the first steps to success. Here are some ideas from DLR Media, a Dundee marketing agency, on how you can make your small business stand out online in 2022.

Customer Rewards

The first way to stand out and convert customers, is to offer those customers rewards for choosing to do business with you. This can include things like specialist deals on certain days, or regular giveaways of products on social media to customers who share your posts. Perhaps you could even consider launching a loyalty programme, in which your best customers and frequent buyers get discounts on certain lines, or early access to new products or services. This not only keeps repeat buyers satisfied and eager to stick with you, it entices new customers to purchase and keep on purchasing so they can reap the rewards too.

Never Underestimate Great Web Design

Many small businesses will simply use free website builders online to offer their products. But your home page, about us page, and product page are all making a lasting impact on customers. If you can invest in your web design early, it will be much easier to edit your site in the long term. A great website from the start gives you a foundation to build on, and allows your customers to be a part of your growth.

Optimize Your Site for Every Customer

In 2022, there are a huge variety of ways to access the net. Make sure you have a version of your site that is optimized for the web, tablets, and mobiles, with cohesive branding and style. Offering your site on a variety of devices means each and every visitor receives a streamlined experience. This is more likely to convert leads into customers, and allows you to capitalize on the buyer’s desire to shop with you, by making the process as easy as possible. It’s also worth having multiple ways potential customers can navigate your site and reach out to you for help, so you can close the deal. This can be something as simple as accurate meta descriptions for pages, or including a support page on your site.

Partners and Affiliates

If you’ve worked with some big players in your industry, listing these on your online site can help build buyer trust, strengthen your brand, and help you reach new customers. Even if you are not strictly partnering with other businesses, knowing about key players in your niche can help you bolster brand reputation. In particular, making the most of affiliate marketing with bloggers and social media influencers, as well as reaching out to other complementary sites in the industry, can spread your small business’s name far and wide, and help you tap into new customer bases.

Superlative Payment and Shipping

You may think that once a customer has reached the purchase page, it’s a done deal. But, the best online stores perfect the process for the customer until its very end, and even after. Offer your customer a wide variety of payment methods, or consider adding options such as Klarna, which allows your customer to make delayed payments. If you can factor it into your profit margins, offering customers free shipping is another great way to keep them coming back. Even if you can’t offer free shipping, offering next day shipping to certain places, or premium shipping at a slightly higher price personalizes the customer’s experience. If you do offer these extras, don’t be shy about advertising these things on your site and even in ads.

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