Why SEO Matters for Home Builders  

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Although this may sound simple, customers are essential for building custom homes. Your website and content must be search engine optimized if you wish to attract customers online. SEO pages and content that are well-written will help your company stand out among your competitors.

What Can Be Search Engine Optimized?

To improve your website’s ranking in search results, you can optimize almost any part of your website such as:


Use keywords creatively in headings, subheadings and copy. Don’t overdo it. Google can penalize you for forcing keywords into the copy.


Search engines cannot see images on websites. It should be a habit to add alt text to each photo that is uploaded. Give a brief description about the image. Google will then be able to “read” the image and boost SEO.

Do an Audit

Web auditing can help find out why your site isn’t getting enough search traffic. You can find out where your site is lacking in SEO performance by analyzing your site. Each page must contain basic SEO that targets specific keywords. Your pages should be designed for the user and “skimmable” to readers. It is important to ensure that all links within your content are visible.

Enhance User Experience

Your site should be mobile-friendly and contain quality content. You also need to make your site user-friendly. Sites with slow load times or spammy copy will not be given much credit by Google. Use shorter paragraphs, lists, and subheaders to make your content easier to read. Use simple language when writing content and use keywords only where they make sense. For a better user experience, don’t be afraid of using white space and imagery.


Know Your Buyer Personas

Understanding buyer personas is a key component of creating content that is valuable to your audience. A buyer persona can be described as a fictional character who represents your ideal customer. These personas are derived from your consumer data and can give you insight into their motivations and needs. There are many buyer personas you can target with your content and SEO efforts. This is where topic clusters can prove to be particularly useful. You can create better content and SEO if you have more information about each of your buyer personas.

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