Why Washer Dryer Combos Are Perfect For Your Laundry Store

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Technology is constantly changing and improving and this is the same for washer and dryer machines. These innovative laundry machines have improved since they first entered the market in the early 1950s. Now, they are used for washing and drying clothes in one washing unit. As such, there are several reasons why you should choose a coin operated washing machine from brands like Girbau North America for your laundry store. The washer dryer combo machines have a similar washing action to the front-loading machines that are energy and water-efficient.

All-in-One Commercial Washer Dryer Combo

Getting the washer-dryer combo laundry machines can help reinvent your customers’ laundry routine, thanks to their ability to wash and dry clothes per single load. So, whether you’re searching for a commercial laundry innovation or want to maximize space in your store, this two-for-one commercial machine will elevate your store’s setup. With that in mind, let’s look at some potential benefits that a washer and dryer combo can offer your business.

They are space-efficient

A major value-add that the washer-dryer combo appliances bring is their small footprint compared to the space taken by a standard washer and dryer sets. For laundry businesses with limited space, this space-saving combination appliance is an excellent choice. Plus, you won’t have to put the washers and dryers separately since this unit gives you both the washer and dryer in a single package. What’s more, this implementation is available in different load capacities. 

Easy to use

The washer-dryer combo lets customers wash and dry clothes and they don’t have to manually get involved in the process. Since you’ll have an all-in-one appliance rather than two separate laundry machines, the whole process of washing clothes is simpler and all customers have to do is select the desired settings for each load and hit “Start.” Also, the washer and dryer combo machines have the option to dry or wash independently. That means customers can choose to run a wash cycle only for items that should be air dried or simply select a wrinkle-release cycle if they are in hurry.

Efficient water and energy use

Combo washer/dryer equipment uses a 115-volt plug rather than the 230-volts plug used by most of the standard dryer units. The latest drying technology development is the heat pump which is considered to be a better energy-efficient alternative to condenser dryers. Also, they offer an efficient way of drying clothes since they use lower air temperature and provide a gentler drying process. While they do take longer, the process is more energy-efficient for heating as well as removing moisture from clothes.

Keeps operating costs at a minimum

The primary costs associated with combo laundry equipment are the purchase costs of the equipment, upkeep costs, and utility bills — water, energy, and sewer. One pitfall that some business owners face is purchasing lower-quality equipment that fails to satisfy customers’ needs. Such an approach often leads to huge, profit-eating operating costs. Still, washer dryer combo appliances attract the lowest operating costs for businesses in the industry.

Washer dryer combination machines provide everything single washer and dryer units offer but with a smaller footprint. That makes this laundry machine advantageous especially for businesses with smaller spaces.


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