Spot trading – why choose Zineera?

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The functionality of a modern exchange, which claims to be in wide consumer demand, cannot be limited to the simple exchange and storage of cryptocurrencies. Zineera claims to be the first exchange in the market soon. It hints that users are waiting for new opportunities that go beyond the classic exchange exchanges. This is intriguing, as the exchange acquires a multifunctional character. But quantity does not always mean quality. Usually, it is the non-working but announced by the company functions that cause negative reviews about the exchanges. While we are waiting for the birth of a resource in which the crypt will be the local currency, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the working tools of Zineera at the moment.

By registering, users get access to:

  • Trade

Basic, advanced, margin and OTC trading, as well as a fast exchanger at the current rate on the spot market. All types of trading relevant in the digital asset market are available.

  • Blockchain

Earning currency with the help of a passive deposit in the pool for retention or to support the blockchain network.

  • P2P services

In the “loans” section, it is possible to lend funds or apply for a loan under certain conditions. You can transfer or borrow fiat and crit.

  • Referral program

The usual action “invite a friend”, only multi-level. The program has been active since the launch of the platform. A good way to earn money quickly, but to receive a reward, the referral must also pass verification.

The developers have tried to ensure that the exchange is not inferior in functionality to international competitors. Zineera goes beyond a simple cryptocurrency exchange. The company offers a range of services to its users. It seems that the developers want to build a successful brand. Therefore, on the exchange, there are all instruments popular on international exchanges.

Spot trading on Zineera is a great tool for beginners. The lack of leverage and the overall security of the system makes it the best choice for all clients with a small investment portfolio. When trading with spot trading, you risk almost nothing and your fixed assets remain safe. So, if they were kept in a bank. But the benefits of spot trading in stocks and assets far outweigh the benefits of deposits. Most Zineera users have already seen this.

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