Transform the Business by Taking the Help of Eric Minoli

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Eric Minoli provides a 30-year history of effective leadership in tackling difficult issues and circumstances while working internationally in the media and education sectors with multinational corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental organizations.

His employment in France, India, Brazil, Canada, and the United States helped him develop a strong, multicultural, and practical global perspective. His educational credentials include a BA from the Université de Provence in France, a mini-MBA from McGill University, and a Certification in Digital Transformation from the University of California, Berkeley.

He primarily contributes an awareness of ecosystems and the ability to use all of its elements to open up new opportunities.

Eric’s background in technology and operations drives his all-encompassing strategy for engineering innovation, disruption, and expansion. He makes use of people, data, technology, and procedures to help the organization undergo a meaningful and measurable change.

He has won numerous awards internationally and aspires to be the best at all he does. He is known for coming up with novel ideas and putting them into practice. Tech-savvy, intelligent, and capable of integrating new technology, Eric Minoli is a game-changer.

Select his achievements which are:

  • Developed the Virtual Universe Lab, the world’s first usage of a game engine for television production, which won the IBC Innovation Awards.
  • Created a ground-breaking prototype using Blockchain technology to handle copyrights for content.
  • Oversaw the transfer of a Brazilian TV channel to the United States following the Canal + Group’s acquisition of it.
  • Designed the technology framework for production by standardizing access and dramatically reshaping workflow and productivity to challenge established broadcasting standards.
  • Changed the organization’s structure in response to the parliament’s decision to centralize the management of online courses at TFO

He personally has a penchant for cutting-edge technology, fine dining, and world geopolitics. He enjoys traveling with his spouse, and they are currently pursuing their education to become maîtres-fromagers, or sommeliers in the cheese industry. He is regarded as being simple to talk to, a skilled negotiator, tenacious, and an efficient hunter.

Disruption, in Eric Minoli’s opinion, is a normal aspect of life. Every industry is going through quick innovation and transition cycles. He may offer a fresh viewpoint, assist in realizing the organization’s full potential, and take the strategic plan to a whole new level.

Here is more info about Groupe Média TFO.The stories of Groupe Média TFO which can shape the tomorrow of many organizations.

A Franco-Ontarian public media organization called Groupe Média TFO provides an integrated discovery experience throughout its educational, cultural, and news material in French. 

The Omni channel mission and vision of Groupe Média TFO are centered on the audiences, who can witness their own growth taking place alongside that of TFO’s ground-breaking and award-winning works. 

Groupe Média TFO makes information accessible through its educational mandate, on television, on digital platforms, and through its initiatives and applications. 

The organization, which is at the forefront of digital learning, represents the energy and variety of the community it serves and gets the next generation ready for future.

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