Top 5 Reasons Why Your Social Security Disability Appeals Could Be Denied

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Social Security Disability Insurance is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), and they consider who will get the benefits and who will not. The SSA mainly checks the disability evidence and pays the person who cannot work due to their disability, which has lasted more than a year. SSA does not consider partial or short-term disability; therefore, some appeals could be rejected. 

If you are in this condition and don’t want your appeal to get rejected, you must understand the top reasons for your requests getting rejected. You could consult your lawyer in Missouri by searching for any Social Security disability attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, for detailed information. 

What are Common Reasons for Denial of Social Security Disability Insurance? 

  • Insufficient Medical Evidence: When applying for disability benefits, you must present medical evidence to claim the benefits. SSA assesses the disability criteria, which includes medical evidence. If there is a lack of adequate medical evidence supporting the person’s claim for the disability and inability to work, the claim can be rejected. Medical evidence should prove the connection between the disability and the inability to work. So, if any of these links are missing, the SSA can reject the claim for disability benefits. 
  • Multiple Applications and Failure to Pursue the Appeal Process: This is one of the common issues that people face while applying instead of appealing a denial. If the SSA sees that you have applied previously and your application was rejected similarly, they can reject it again. They mainly do this when more information is needed for an SSA award. Therefore, it is better to appeal for the denial rather than file a new application. In this way, you can ask for reconsideration from SSA to take another look at your application. 
  • You Earn Too Much: If even after disability, you are able to do substantial gainful activity, then there is a high tendency that your claims will be rejected. The SSA has set a specific monetary limit beyond which, if you are earning, you will be ineligible for the benefits. 
  • Your Disability is Not a Qualifying Medical Condition: If your condition is severe and you cannot work, but if SSA finds that you can indulge in other substantial gainful activity (SGA), they can reject the claims. The SSA has maintained a specific list of medical conditions for those who cannot engage in SGA, and those people will be awarded the benefits. 
  • Your Employment History is Recent to Qualify: If you were employed recently, you could lack the work credits. A person who has worked for a long time giving quality work hours is eligible for social security benefits; otherwise, your appeal can get rejected. 

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