Tips to choose an ideal company secretary 

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A company secretary is the one who looks after all the documentation work and administrative functions of the company. He also prepares contracts, agreements, maintains electronic documents and other business-related procedures. You need not necessary have your own secretary as there are companies that provide corporate secretarial services in singapore.

  • Here are some qualities that a company secretary must have-
  • Relevant Experience 

If you are a business enterprise or some other start-up company, you should first verify with the targeted company secretary if he’s experienced in your type of business or not. Remember, he would be the only one to handle all your administrative works and paper filings, and of course, you won’t prefer to take a chance in terms of record filings and overall administration.

  • Ability to interpret laws accurately 

A company secretary should be equipped with sound knowledge of all the company laws and excellent interpretation skills. Interpretation skills will allow him to deliver proper advice to the management on legal issues whenever obliged.

  • Knowledge of modern technology 

He should be adaptable to all the modern technology and latest digital methods to prevent delays in setting up meetings and processing.

Digital signatures should be adopted to lessen overheads and speed up things.

  • Multitasking ability 

A company secretary is allotted multiple works in a business. He is accountable for communicating between the board of directors and the management or ensuring compliance. He should be able to decide on the priority of work. He should be able to convey with the administration about what is more important and what has to be done first and what he can do later on.

  • Planning ability 

He must be perfect at project management and be able to handle many things at a time. He ensures that the board and committee meetings take place on a fixed schedule and all compliance requirements are to be completed on time under his supervision.

  • Organizational skills 

He must have all the knowledge that is required to run a business fluently. He will be the one to bring subordination issues to scrutiny at board meetings and suggest appropriate solutions for them.

How to Choose a Company Secretary in Singapore

It is the most predominant question that all businessmen go through. Well, it’s not a tedious task to select a perfect company secretary for you when you have a trustable source to rely on. Nowadays, several digital portals are providing the foremost secretarial services to their clients. One of them is Hey Sara! Here are the few unique features that you will get at Hey Sara-

  • DIY pocket secretary app
  • 100% online registration of your company
  • Document e-signing
  • 24*7 cloud storage


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