Legal Loans from Licensed Moneylenders vs. Borrowing from Banks

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Applying for credit is a very reasonable practice, and most of us need some extra cash now and then. There are plenty of ways to acquire instant cash to fulfill your needs in the current global scenario. However, the loan amount must be paid in due time to avoid the penalties and disrupting your credit score.

While applying for loans and instant cash, one must understand a different kind of credit and the same interest rates. Personal loans or credit that people generally opt for are seen to charge a higher interest rate than any other form of loans or credit. Although the rates of personal loans also seem to differ for various organisations, it is generally higher than different credit sorts such as home loans.

There are several methods to make sure we can acquire instant cash as per our needs in today’s time as long as we can pay it off in time. Banks offer personal loans at a moderately higher rate than other firms. However, crediting is not only limited to banks, as several other licensed moneylenders and firms also offer their customers the same facilities with less paperwork. At times, deciding whether to choose a bank or a licensed moneylender for opting for credit gets confusing. In this segment, you will learn the critical differences in the practices that include crediting from banks and authorised money lenders. This ensures that you get a clear idea regarding the kind of loan you are looking for.

How do banks approach the process of crediting personal loans?

Banks are by far the most common ways of availing of personal loans. For decades, people have been going to banks to grant their needs whenever they require it. However, banks are pretty strict with their procedures and are known to have a set-out rule for all their lending processes. As a result, whether your desired amount is big or small, you can reach out to a bank and have the crediting procedure start.

It is often advised to opt for banks for availing personal loans if the sum amount is large enough. This helps people manage their finances pretty well as banks allow them to borrow the money for up to ten years. As a result, even if the amount is large, you can have a lot of time to repay it in full.

Although banks are known to be efficient and legal, the procedure takes a long time before you can access the money you need. As a result, you recommend choosing this option if you already planned something out for yourself. However, in times of emergencies, banks may not turn out to be the best course of action.

Moreover, tons of paper works and credential analysis take place in banks, and as a result, even a minor fault in the documentation can slow down the process a lot. In some cases, the process is even terminated, and people are not granted any credit. As a result, banks are only suitable for people looking forward to owning a personal asset and have time to spare. However, for other urgencies, you are highly advised to look for licensed money lenders in Singapore.

How do licensed moneylending firms offer credit?

Apart from banks, some other agencies and corporations offer personal credits to their customers as well. However, these agencies have become popular over the last few decades. Now people find them more relevant and convenient than the banks, which was previously the sole option. If you find yourself in an emergency and need some instant cash in the coming two to three days, these licensed moneylending firms are by far the best course of action for you.

If you are looking forward to paying off a small or moderate sum of money, you can contact a legitimate money lending firm in Singapore. These firms and agencies are best known for providing instant cash up to a certain amount. However, the amount these firms lend up to is not as high as the banks.

Although you can pay off your debt reasonably, since the adequate loan amount is not as huge as offered in the banks, the corresponding period to pay it back is also lesser than the banks.

As a result, if you ever find yourself in an emergency and require instant cash in your hands, availing of a legal loan in Singapore from a legitimate moneylending agency is highly recommended. Not only will you receive the amount without any prior hassles, but you will also be able to avoid tons of unnecessary paper works. As these agencies are primarily private organisations, their credential and security procedures are far more efficient than other means.

Why does your credit score history matter so much while opting for a loan?

The need for cash will never go obsolete, and emergencies do not occur with a notice. Thus, being prepared and secure with your finances is necessary for a loan application. Having a good credit score and a reputable credit score history can be granted a personal loan effectively.

Both banks and licensed moneylenders ensure that they offer a diligent person and responsible enough to pay back what they borrow in due time. As a result, if you have several loan defaulting occurrences or you miss to pay your premiums in time, then your credit score history will be significantly affected. This may result in banks not offering you future loans. However, this process is only strict in banks and not comprehensively in private money lending firms.

How long will it take until you receive the money?

After your application is approved, you are required to wait for two to three days before the concerned officials contact you to collect the sum amount. However, you might have to wait for long in case you have opted for a bank. There is always a constant rush in the banks, and hundreds of applications for personal loans pile up every day. As a result, the process may take a long time before you receive the money. However, there are no such issues while availing the services of a legitimate moneylender in Singapore.

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