Registration of a Company in India: The SPICe Form

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After registration of a company in India, you need to fill a form called the SPICe form to commence your business activities. And along with the form, you will have to submit some applications and documents.

What Does the SPICe form Consist of?

Memorandum and Articles of Association

A Memorandum is a document that consists of the basic information of a company. This includes the firm’s legal name, and registered address. The authorized share capital, and the liabilities are other information that needs to be in a Memorandum. Finally, the Memorandum may also consist of the company’s relationships with other parties.

The Articles of Association consists of the regulation of the company, and defines the roles and responsibilities of different executives and members of the firm and the relationship between them. An Articles of Association can change in the future but the memorandum can’t.

Copy of Utility and Proof of Office Address

The utility bills can consist of the electricity bills, internet bills, etc. It is to prove that the company actually exists and is operating from the registered address. At the same time, you have to give a list of every company if they run from the same office as yours.

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

As said before, you fill the SPICe form after the actual incorporation. You can take professional help from a company like 3E Accounting India to register a company in the country.

Proof of Identity and Address of All Directors

By the time you file the SPICe form, you would have decided on all the directors. Now, you will have to produce residential and identification proof of all the directors, which can be citizenship, passport, and even vehicle licenses.

Other Requirements

You have to show the certificate of approval of the trademark if you have received one. Additionally, foreign directors without PAN need to submit an Affidavit. Talk to your India company incorporation services for more information.

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