Millennial and Gen Z Media Consumption Trends

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Gen Z and Millennials have surprisingly comparable habits for consuming new information, but there are notable differences between the two generations. As we see in our everyday lives, both generations rely strongly on online sources for current events, entertainment and even communication. Habits have also shown that both groups share a common favorite type of media, video.

The infographic below, Millennials vs. Gen Z — Media Consumption Habits, provides a number of statistics and insights that advertisers and marketers will find beneficial.

How amount of cash is being dedicated to video creation and furthermore creation? This is a fundamental question, not only because video is the format of choice for many target demographics, but also because video can be considerably expensive to create. From idea to storyboards to filming to editing to distribution, video, much like major films, involves multiple talented individuals collaborating together over several weeks or months to create what in the end may only be a 30-second or 1-minute-long final product.

This cost-result equation should not intimidate anyone in the marketing department. For both Millennials and also Gen Z, short is key. Both generations flourish while multitasking. With their attention constantly shifting, long marketing campaigns, regardless of format will be ignored. By the by, for video and other visual marketing designs, creative and creation expenses can be overseen like nothing anyone’s ever seen previously. New tools and templates for video production and editing enable small and midsized companies as well as global organizations to create professional work faster and with less expense.

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