How to Take the Road to Plastic-Free Packaging?

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Zero-Waste discussions have originated from waste reduction ideas and that has now entered the mainstream of every sector, including the retail and food industry. To reduce the rising concerns about plastic pollution globally, they are becoming the talking point of the industries. Every business is now more concerned to find out the best ways to protect the environment and ditch plastic. Here is how you can do it:

Use Paper as the Design Backbone

One of the best ways to ditch plastic is by using paper packaging as the backbone of the main packaging material. Paper and cardboard being renewable sources of packaging do not require a lot of strain to source them. They are also highly inexpensive and form a variety of packaging ideas for various products, mainly food.

Avoiding Plastic Tapes & Stickers

Packing tape is an integral aspect of efficient food packaging. But these regular tapes have a big impact on the sustainability targets of the food’s packaging. These tapes have been given a plastic coating over them to make them sturdy and it reinforces the adhesive on the packaging. The presence of these makes recycling very difficult. The plasticized stickers serve the same purpose with the same issues. To curb these issues, there are packaging tapes that are custom made and are plastic-free. The adhesive is non-toxic and does not hamper the recyclability of the packaging too.

Avoiding Plastic Poly Mailers

The online food orders can be easily posted with the shipping mailers. They cost a lot less per unit than the box packages and are smaller in size that help you save on shipping too. Regular poly mailers are made up of soft plastic that is tough to get recycled. Instead, using the compostable mailers made up of corn starch is an effective solution. They breakdown within months and do not leave any harmful and toxic residues behind.

Lower Plastic Use if It’s Unavoidable

You might be running a food business where having zero-plastic packaging might be next to impossible. Hence, you can take steps to avoid using a lot of plastic and replacing them majorly with sustainable packages. Using substances for packaging that hamper your food does not count it to be sustainable. In cases like that, you need to use plastic but effectively.

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