Hiring a Strata Manager? Here’s What You Need.

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A Body Corporate Manager is also called a ‘Strata Manager.’ They are appointed by the owners of the property to perform specific roles. They manage the properties on behalf of the owners. Their role is to make sure that the tenants’ needs are taken care of on behalf of the property owners. They do not only provide guidance for legal compliance, but for financial administration as well.

Strata managers make the property owners’ life easier. They handle all the necessary tasks on behalf of the owner. So if you are looking for body corporate melbourne, here are the things that you need to look into.

License and Qualifications

Before you hire a Strata Manager, you have to take the time to look at the documents that they can provide. They should be able to provide the license and qualifications that make a reliable and qualified manager. To ensure that you are hiring a qualified strata manager, do not be afraid to ask for the paperwork.

Knowledge and Understanding of Legislation

Strata managers will handle not only the legalities, but the financial administration as well. In this case, your strata manager needs to have a good understanding of the legislation. They should have the ability to guide and provide assistance and advice when it comes to legal matters. If training and certification is needed for this aspect, then make sure that you check on it too.

Years of Experience

Although there are strata managers that you can hire, it is still best to trust those with years of experience in this industry. The last thing you want is for the manager to make your business their training ground. Managing strata can be complicated. What you need is an expert, someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Check Out Online Reviews

Remember that what their previous clients are saying about the quality of services that they offer is a great help in your decision-making. Online reviews are one way to verify the reputation of a strata manager. Word of mouth is powerful and if you cannot get reviews from people you know, then check it out on the internet.

Availability and Communication

One of the things that you need to check with your prospective strata manager is their available time and if they are able to communicate with you any time of the day. Just like property managers, a strata manager is the first point of contact between tenants or residents and property owners. They should be able to relay to you the issues in real-time. That is why exceptional business communication skills are vital.

SELECT is the most trusted name in Strata management. They know exactly what property owners need. They have experienced managers to manage Strata communities. With more than 50 years of experience, SELECT knows exactly what property owners need. They are the most preferred as they have managed more than a thousand Owners Corporations that includes over 13,000 individual homes, offices, warehouses, and various establishments all across Melbourne.

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