Why We Use Custom Shirts and How to Design Them  

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Enjoy the feeling of being able to express yourself? You probably show this most in the clothes that you wear. Shirts are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing that anyone can wear. Look into anyone’s closet or drawer, and you’re guaranteed to find more than a few pieces of this clothing lying inside.

We wear shirts for many different occasions, ranging from casual family get-togethers to formal parties. We also use shirts to express ourselves and give our everyday attire some personality. Other times, we use shirts to help us distinguish ourselves as an individual or as part of a group. They also make for great personalised gifts in Singapore.

What we use custom shirts for

But because shirts are so common, it can be hard to find one that can make you stand out or give it a bit of uniqueness. Thankfully, we’ve got options to create shirts and other clothing so one can better find something that suits their personality or purpose. The art of making clothing prints creates unique prints for customers so they can enjoy an entirely new shirt design. There are many reasons why people would want customized T shirts in Singapore:

1) As a personal article of clothing. Shirts you find in stores may just be too bland for your style, or you could simply want something with a personal design that means something to you. In any case, getting a custom shirt is a cheap and effective way for you to get high-quality shirts that you will enjoy. It sure beats looking for the right design from an array of premade clothing.

2) For team or company outings. Shirts aren’t used just for personal reasons, but for business ones as well. Shirts are part of many sales or marketing teams’ attire as they can help establish a brand image or identity. They’re also much less formal and more comfortable than stiff uniforms. At the same time, having a customised shirt for company outings or other purposes can also foster unity and a sense of belonging. That’s why having team or group shirts is a great idea.

3) As a gift to a special someone. Do you know someone artsy and creative? Or perhaps there’s someone who you don’t know what to give for the holidays. In any case, a custom shirt with their very own design might be a great gift for them. Not only will they be gifted something they haven’t received before, but customisation is also more affordable. Giving cheap customised gifts in Singapore such as a nice printed shirt is good value for money.

4) For family gatherings. Have a big family gathering or outing coming up? There’s nothing that makes an event more memorable than fun outfits when you travel together. It not only makes family photos stand out, but they can also be fun reminders of the event that can solidify family bonds. It also makes it easier for your family members to find each other in bigger crowds.

5) As a souvenir for friends and loved ones. If you’re looking for great personalised gifts in Singapore that can remind your loved ones in other countries that you’re thinking of them, or if you want your loved ones to have fun souvenirs of your travels, there’s nothing quite like a nice custom shirt when you want to give a highly practical yet beautiful gift.

6) For marketing and business purposes. A high-quality customised t-shirt is a great corporate or marketing gift to give to loyal customers or employees during the holidays. It not only rewards them but also helps them to remember your brand better and think of your company when they see or use your shirts. Shirts are one of the most popular giveaways during events.

Tips on how to design your shirt


Want to give a great custom shirt to your friends, family, employees, or other important people? Creating t-shirts can be delicate work, and getting a good finished product is tricky. To ensure you have a great end product that you could gladly wear or give away, why not hire a custom t shirt printing service in Singapore? Choosing the right printing service will not only ensure you have great shirts but also a good price when you buy in bulk.

But just because you hired a good company doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do when designing your custom shirt. Here are some things to take note of when designing your custom shirts, that many overlook:

1) Determine the purpose of creating a custom shirt. It’s easier to narrow down your shirt designs when you’re clear about what the custom shirt is for. For example, if you’re planning to make a shirt for your business, then you should think about incorporating your brand logo into it.

2) Don’t overlook print placement, size, colour scheme, and other factors. An amazing design can easily turn heads, but if it’s set on a background that makes it hard to see, then it would be useless. Don’t just pay attention to how your design looks, your printing service will ask you about minute details as well.

3) Keep in touch with your printing service. Once you’ve commissioned one to make your shirts, keep in touch with them and don’t be afraid to ask them questions about the process. They not only need you to do this to help you get a more satisfying end product, but you might be able to spot some things you want to change.

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