Right Results in Ranking with Backlinks

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Link building is a hot topic in the online marketing world. It is (and especially was) often used the wrong way with punishment from Google. And believe us, you really don’t want these punishments. That is why we explain in the tips what you should pay attention to in link building, among other things because ‘yes’, if you use it in the right way, it is extremely effective.

Link building map

First of all, why are links so important? For search engines like Google, which crawl and evaluate the web, links are a kind of streets on a map, or the connections between the pages on the web. With highly advanced link analysis, the search engines discover how pages are related to each other in order to assess how important pages are. 

It is therefore not surprising that search engines rate websites with many good inbound links more and therefore gives better positions. You can therefore see links to your website as a kind of ‘voting’. With many good votes, you get a better position in Google. Search engines use links not only to measure popularity, but also reliability, spam and authority. Reliable websites tend to link to other reliable websites, while ‘bad’ websites get virtually no links from reliable sources. You can buy backlinks in the right way.

Link building is one of the ways to get your website higher in Google. You obtain / create relevant links on other websites (external link building) and on your own website (internal link building) to your web pages in order to obtain better positions in the search engines because, among other things, your page authority increases. The page rank is a score of 1 to 10 from Google that you receive per page.

A link building strategy starts with good preparation

Link building strategy

We see and hear it more and more these days. ‘Come on, let’s start link building’. If you then ask; ‘why?’. The answer is ‘that makes you easier to find’. That’s right, but good preparation is crucial. Follow the following points.

Which keywords do I want to rank on? 

Which keywords do you want to be found on? To find out, do a good keyword. This not only makes it clear which keywords are important to you, but also how much is searched for and how much competition there is. You can get started with this information.  

How do we measure link building success? 

You can measure a lot through Google Analytics. For example, you measure here how many website visitors you have. In combination with the search console you can also measure which keywords you are found on and how many website visitors you get as a result. You can also see which search positions you are in, but what you actually want to keep track of is your increase on the selected keywords from your keyword research. We use a paid tool for our customers, such as AWR Cloud . You also have free tools, such as this rank tracker that can be installed as a plugin on the Firefox browser.


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