The Right Proof of a Professional: The Certificate

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The ignorance or suspicion of the common man about what the benefit of the businessman is and what it means is one of the fundamental causes that disturb the functioning and development of the economy. It is admissible to affirm that the historical periods of prosperity and economic progress have coincided with those that have perceived the social role that business profit plays in the rational organization of the economy. On the contrary, periods of stagnation and regression have been those in which this function has been underestimated. The online entrepreneur certification plays an important part there.

Right Options for the employer

The benefit of the employer is, in effect, the rudder that directs and guides the complex mechanisms of the social economy and is, at the same time, the instrument that controls the adequate performance of its parts. It thus achieves, in the economy of free societies, the same objectives that in a state planning system a gigantic and expensive bureaucratic apparatus and a relentless set of coercive measures and penal sanctions vainly try to achieve. 

The Right Benefit

The benefit of the employer is the remuneration that the owner of the company receives for organizing and combining the set of productive resources destined to obtain the goods and services that have to satisfy the needs of the community. It is, as such, a residual remuneration. It is, in effect, the difference between the value of the goods and services that the company supplies to consumers and the value of the productive resources used by the company in the production of those goods and services. 

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From the point of view of the general interest of society, the efficient organization of the company requires, in effect, that the goods and services produced by it be obtained with a minimum consumption of productive resources. This is the means of ensuring that the community can obtain a maximum overall volume of goods and services with the limited productive resources available. And that is, precisely, an ostensible and irreplaceable function of the employer’s profit. It is evident that a cooperative company can operate in certain branches with equal efficiency, distributing the benefit among its members, or renouncing that benefit and supplying the goods and services at lower prices to the consumers. 

Nothing should prevent these admirable companies from emerging and prospering, provided they are authentic cooperatives and not mere simulations of cooperatives that obtain their apparent savings through a privilege or a state subsidy. The fact that they do not emerge and prosper in greater numbers is an objective indicator that human societies do not have abundant men capable of putting them into operation and that business profit is the adequate means to stimulate creative energies and ensure the efficient 

On the other hand, there has always been talk about the “business sense”, that is, the ability to predict and anticipate market changes and take advantage of them. It is popularly believed to be a kind of gift of organization of activities. The use of the online entrepreneur  comes perfect there as a proof.

Production units

Nature that some people are born with and that others lack. Although the true nose of entrepreneurs comes from the deep knowledge that must be had of the type of business in which the business activity is being developed. 


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