5 Amazing Services Offered by Customs Brokerage Firms That You Must Know About

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Import business in the US has a huge scope. Since the market is huge, there’s enough room for all the businesses to thrive. However, the one thing that mostly discourages importers – residents as well as non residents (especially non residents)  – is the issue of getting the goods cleared at customs. If the goods are held back at customs for whatever reasons, the businesses can suffer huge losses because:

  • Customers find late deliveries unprofessional. It can and will cost you loyal customers.
  • The storage fee at customs mounts up. This, in turn, will reduce the profit margin.
  • Delayed deliveries may cause miscommunication between the drivers and the brokers, resulting in further delays.

And any person who has ever tried to handle the customs clearance procedure on their own or have hired a broker precariously will vouch for the fact that such troubles are recurrent and they tarnish the image of the business. Which is why the need for reliable, experienced, and licensed firms like Clearitusa.com is paramount. Some of the exclusive services that they provide are listed below. Have a look!

  1. Customs Consulting Services

Customs brokers at Clearit USA can offer invaluable assessment services for the import needs of almost all kinds of projects like:

  • Document preparation
  • Tariff treatments
  • Trade agreements
  • Tax requirements and exemptions
  • Other governmental requirements
  • Valuation for duty
  • Compliance audits
  1. E-commerce Services

The experienced brokers and agents at this firm have efficiently introduced an electronic system for handling documents between all the involved parties – you, your freight forwarder, the customs department, and your clients/customers.

Since all the documentation takes place through the E-com route – no paperwork is involved – there’s just no room for errors caused due to missing documents. As a result, you won’t have to face delays at customs due to:

  • Miscommunication
  • Missing/incomplete documents
  1. Cargo Insurance Services

Cargo insurance is the best way to minimize physical losses that can be caused to your goods due to freight damage. So, whether your goods are coming by air, ocean, or truck, you must rely on the cargo insurance offered by this firm.

The basic coverage is offered at $0.25 / $1,000.00 value.

You can easily contact them here, https://clearitusa.com/cargo-insurance-coverage/ for more information on their pricing policy.

  1. White Label Brokerage Services

These services are designed for freight forwarders and logistics providers. You can serve your customers (the importers) better by using the solutions provided by the experts at this firm.

  1. ISF Filing Service

ISF is the Importer Security Filing certificate that’s mandatory for all cargos arriving by the sea. You cannot import goods into the US without this certificate via the ocean whether you’re a resident importer or a non-resident importer.

Clearit USA can file for ISF on your behalf at the minimal sum of just 35 USD.

All in all, these are the 5 stunning services that you can buy at Clearit USA to get your goods cleared without facing any hassle.

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