Some great Office Interior Design London

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If you happen to own an office in London and you want to have the best interior design ideas to revamp this place, then this article will provide you with good ideas and thoughts. Here are some of the best interior design ideas that are getting popular in London in 2021. You can choose to go for any of these ideas according to your personal choice and preference on Office Interior Design London.

Resimercial Design

This kind of design is to effectively combine commercial and residential features and aspects to make the employees feel at home while being at workplace. In this design, there are to be some creative decorative touches in associated with home environment as well as comfortable furnishings, specifically in the breakout spaces. Some of the features of this design are:

  • Combination of silhouettes/textures
  • Ambient light or natural light
  • Large contained windows and wool rugs
  • Comfortable seating
  • Decorative house paint
  • Presence of natural fibres
  • Durable upholstery

Video-conferencing provision

The offices of post COVID-19 era will be leaning towards remote working arrangement most of the time which will be more common in the near future. This is why this kind of design is becoming popular these days. In this arrangement, the office space is to be used in such a manner that it will be effectively able to properly accommodate microphones, cameras, screens as well as other related tools. On the other hand, this arrangement will also allow the teams of employees to perfectly leverage the video-conferencing in best way possible. Features of this design idea are:

  • Proper interactive whiteboards
  • Reconfiguration in accordance with acoustic requirements
  • Microphones and cameras that will automatically hone in on the speakers
  • Several screens for the large in-house conferences and meetings.

Workstation neighbourhoods

This type of interior design idea is also in trend these days for its unique aspects and variety. In this design, the office architects are to be converted into group desks which will further be into neighbourhood spaces for teams to co-locate and co-ordinate as per needs and preference. Such spaces are called as the pivot space which is nothing but some particular areas that contain movable furniture which can be configured with relative ease. Its features are:

  • Touchdown station
  • Smart digital whiteboards
  • Video-conferencing spaces and rooms
  • Work pods for the individual employee

Design-led division

These days there are so many offices that install glass screens and Perspex. This design started becoming popular during COVID-19 period as this design was effective in mitigate spread of virus in the office space. In this arrangement, the office is co-divided using class that will not diminish functionality and appeal of space.

Do more research on office interior design

Apart from the above described interior design ideas, there are so many other options that you will only be able to know after doing some online research. It is important for you to know some certain aspects of a specific interior design idea before going for it.

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