How To Select Your Online Selling Platform

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During the lockdown, the feature of online retailing has seen a huge boom as more and more people order products online due to an inability to leave their homes. On the other side of that same coin, a lot of sellers are exploring the possibility of also transitioning their business to the virtual world. The benefits of this are multifold. Firstly, you can access an untapped market with great reach and access. Secondly, your ability to analyze your sales and keep track of consumer preferences is much easier and holistic. And lastly, it’s a simple process, there is no hassle of setting up shops, maintaining labor, and incurring overheads. On the online selling Platform, it is just your product and the customer that interact with each other.

The Basics

How does a conventional business transition to online selling? The obvious method is through using an online shop on their website. Here is where the services of two popular service company’s come in. Not everyone has the technical knowhow to code websites, but service providers like Shopify and Squarespace give you the ability to create your website. The tools and robust systems make it possible for even those unfamiliar with website design and coding to create powerful online platforms for selling. However, the big question then becomes, in a contest of Shopify vs Squarespace, which is better?


First, let’s look at Squarespace. If you are a business and your primary goal from the website is to push forward marketing information about your products through your website, Squarespace with its simple user interface and easy to use tools becomes a very lucrative option. Squarespace behaves like a sandbox, the user is given complete freedom within the boundaries that Squarespace provides them.


Shopify is focused more on the selling part. A lot of add-ons and features it has been missing in Squarespace. Shopify supports selling mechanics in multiples currencies, conversion of taxes, dropshipping options, and much wider support for third-party applications. This is more beneficial for a business who wants to focus their website on actually creating and optimizing sales, and not improving brand recognition and boosting offline sales.

So which one should you choose between Shopify vs Squarespace? It all depends on your objectives. If your website is meant to support your offline sales, then the cheaper subscriptions of Squarespace are smarter to purchase. If you want a powerful online selling solution, then go for Shopify. Hopefully, this article solves your dilemmas!

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