5 easy measures to tackle cyber risks in 2021

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Numerous reports and studies have indicated the relevance of cybersecurity for businesses. Data shows that almost every sector has suffered cyberattacks in recent years, and with the pandemic and its effect on operations, things are not likely to change, unless businesses take some serious steps for countering cyber threats. A report by SIA in association with Wall Street Journal shows that cyberattacks through partners, customers and vendors has increased considerably. So, what is your company doing to stay protected? We have a few guidelines below that may come in handy for tackling cyber risks in 2021. 

  1. Password protection is still important. Ask your employees to create strong, complicated passwords, and they should do what it takes to protect these passwords. Default usernames and passwords should be changed immediately, and it is best to recommend a reliable password management tool. 
  2. Firmware, software and operating system updates on priority. No matter the firmware, software you are using, ensure that security patches and updates are installed right away, as soon as the parent company releases the same. Secondly, make sure that operating systems are up to date. 
  3. Cybersecurity workshops. Remote work is the new normal, and to ensure that your employees are on the same page with regards to cybersecurity, conducting regular workshops and training programs is more than important. You can even consider hiring cybersecurity experts for webinars. 
  4. Access control is a must. For remotely working employees and teams, it is necessary to have some form of access management system in place. Ensure that your business has a clear idea of how IT resources, networks, and devices are being used, and that may mean minimizing access to select network resources. 
  5. VPN is important. If your workforce is scattered and employees are working from home, you must ensure that they are using a VPN, and they should be using an encrypted connection for accessing the internet. Go for a premier VPN, and make it mandatory for employees to use a spam filter. 

Be responsive

When it comes to cybersecurity, responsiveness is as important as being proactive. Ensure that your company is doing enough to manage phishing emails and other risks, and yes, where needed, consider spending on antimalware software suites. There is no assured way of being 100% immune to cybersecurity, but your company can do better by focusing on the right steps that don’t even cost a penny. The investment on cybersecurity eventually will pay off in the long run. 

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