Availability of private crypto mixing services

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When you obtain a wallet with bitcoins you aim to deal with safe digital transactions. To achieve the issue successfully you have to stay anonymous at the network. For this reason, private mixing services provide total anonymity of your transactions. This procedure is applied to reduce viewing your wallet with coins to other people. It would be a wise choice to consider https://bitmix.biz/en or a similar platform. 

Cases to apply innovative mixing services 

  1. If you presented once your details with your wallet for cryptocurrency, then the public could track your transactions to your ID information. In this case, you could be put at risk of being profiled by law enforcement. Even when you post your email address online with your bitcoin wallet address.
  2. If you have ever used a coin exchange that is verified with KYL/AML (your ID picture is required). In that case, your personal details are tied to any crypto you purchased over a certain exchange.

General information about mixing services

Available features of innovative mixing platforms similar to BitMix apply the following options:

  • Full anonymity (fully anonymous is achieved successfully with these services without any logging or personal ID required)
  • Instant transferring (currency is directly transferred to your account after your digital transaction is confirmed)
  • User-friendly interface (all users have required the same loyalty program)lty within administrative authorities and get bonuses for every invited client)
  • Legal partnership ( (legacy is provided with a signed letter of legacy available on central account)

Average fees

Similar to BitMix platforms charge a mining fee (0,4-4%). The fee itself can be set directly while you are mixing your coins. The average address fee is 0,0005 BTC per output address to provide absolute covering of any transaction fees. The mixing process itself takes up to twenty-four hours. It is almost instant but still depends on the certain platform load.

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