An Accessibility Overlay Has Utmost Importance For Your Business Today!

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If you examine the Internet today, you will find it is one of the most significant discoveries in modern times for everyone. However, have you ever stopped to think about how users with disabilities use the Internet for a minute?

Unfortunately, the USA has about 350 million websites, and just 2% of them are accessible to users with a disability. They constitute about 20% of the total population in the USA. This means that one in five people do not have proper access to websites on the Internet. All kinds of accessibility, both physical as well as digital, are a civil right belonging to a person. Companies must take the appropriate steps to ensure their business websites are fully accessible to users with disabilities and everyone who visits their sites to purchase products or services and information.

An accessibility overlay resolves several issues

An accessibility overlay is an effective solution for all businesses to make their sites accessible to everyone on the Internet. When it comes to the history of web accessibility for business websites in the USA, it was introduced under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and another legislation- Title III under The Americans with Disabilities Act. Section 508 is applicable to contractors and federal agencies, whereas ADA applies to private businesses.

Under Section 508, users with disabilities are protected from discrimination in all non-physical spaces like the Internet. However, several ADA lawsuits have risen today and are against business websites with inaccessibility.

Where does the problem lie?

Keeping the website updated is a mammoth task for most business owners, let alone maintaining its accessibility, especially when new fresh content flows in daily. In the past, businesses depended on application plugins or hired web developers to enhance the accessibility of their sites. They had to bear the additional costs of maintaining the site, and so accessibility was a huge financial burden on the company. Still, the costs often were enormous and ran into thousands of dollars.

The need to be proactive

As a result of this, companies are required to take proactive steps when it comes to investments related to making their sites ADA compliant. This is where the artificial intelligence-powered accessibility overlay by AccessiBe stepped in to help.

Today, more than 1,00,000 sites rely on its automated solution to attain accessibility. The company deploys AI technology to scan the website of its clients every 24 hours. This scan looks for new content that requires adjustments, so they do not have to worry about the time taken to fix issues. This makes them less vulnerable to expensive lawsuits and heavy fines.

Besides the above, this accessibility overlay includes many disabilities, even more than those listed under the ADA guidelines. They include ADHD, cognitive disabilities, dyslexia, and seizures. This overlay is trusted by top brands and enjoys positive client reviews in the market. Moreover, it is affordable, and even small business owners can choose the different pricing plans that start from $49 per month for their business with success!

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