Why do people talk about Cristal wines as a collection?

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People talk about Crystal Wine Company in terms of a collection because you can buy every type of wine it produces (totalling approximately 30 products). This rare collection of wines is an opportunity to taste the best in Crystal’s rich history. To truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship, we suggest that you open a bottle from this collection, pour a glass, and spend a few moments experiencing what makes these wines so special. The wines of this collection help to tell the story of Crystal’s deep roots as a family-owned winery dedicated to producing world-class Premium Cabernet Sauvignon for three generations.

From our estate vineyard in Rutherford to historic vintages in Napa Valley, this collection allows you to enjoy the finest in vintage Crystal Cabernet Sauvignon with friends or family.

Cristal wine glasses are highly prized as collectables, and there is a flourishing collecting community throughout the world. While all of our sets are priced reasonably, so that even beginners can buy and enjoy them, some limited editions become rare and valuable over time. Crystal Wines have a wide selection of wines that are not only ideal for special occasions but also smart options to have on hand. Find the right wine for your next big gathering and start making wine storage part of your home bar.

The Last Bottle is the largest distributor of Cristal Wine. Crystal glasses are hand-crafted, weighted, sculpted, and mouth-blown to create a collection of stemware that reflects an amazing series of delicate design details. The luminosity of the bowl is especially breathtaking when holding fine wine but equally beautiful when filled with water or other beverages. To be durable, they are made from full-lead crystal with a high percentage of lead oxide which greatly enhances its brilliance and clarity, adding to the pleasure of drinking from them.

An Online wine auctions collection is just the start. Add to your inventory by exploring our large selection of unique and interesting wines from around the world. We want to help you be an educated consumer, so we offer clear and thorough tasting notes on every wine we bottle, as well as helpful recommendations on when to open a bottle, what food to pair it with, and more.

Our wine collections are uniquely compiled by our editors and reflect changing categories, vintages, and varietals. Join us as we explore wines that suit different meals, occasions, personalities, and preferences in each collection, or start your own with any case of wine.

Wine is a beverage you can enjoy in a variety of ways. You can enjoy it on its own or as a complement to a meal. You can also use it as an ingredient in a recipe. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Start building your collection with the wines you’ll use most. Most beginners assemble their home wine cellars by trial and error, but not you. We’ll give you the foundational knowledge and tips to build the ultimate cellar like the pros.” We have been inspired by the wonder of crystals and their transformative powers, and have captured the healing properties of three incredible gemstones; Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz & Amethyst.

These gemstones are used in a myriad of ways by spiritualists, healers, practitioners, and those seeking to increase their higher vibrational frequencies. After studying the ancient metaphysical properties of each crystal we found specific ritualistic methods to use them in combination with our wine to enhance their potency and vibrational frequency. Working with a chemist we developed a particular way of treating each vintage wine during production that enhances the therapeutic effects of each bottle as well as promotes peace, love, energy, and prosperity.

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