Most Essential Usages of Shipping Containers

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That’s right. Container has documents and these documents are very important, because in addition to showing the legality of the container, they help to prove its quality.For a container to be used and modified, it must be nationalized, as it will be removed from its original feature (marine cargo container).

For this reason, when you purchase a container, you must demand all documents related to nationalization taxes, which were paid at the time of purchase of the different shipping containers.

These taxes are:

  • Import license
  • Import document

These documents will be numbered according to the container identification plate – CSC (Container Safety Convention).The container plate, it can be said that it is your identity card.

Origin of the container

Before taking the container to your work or home, you need to know how this container was used and what it transported before reaching you.

  • This is very important, as everything can be loaded in containers, from chemicals to products without any risk to your health.
  • Avoid rusting containers near the seals and also those containing bad odors.
  • Require decontamination reports from the container of interest.

Ask the container company if that unit has already undergone any prior inspection, this inspection must be done by a technician certified by the IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors).This way you will be aware of possible future problems.

Prior consultation with public bodies

If you are going to do any construction using containers on the construction site, it is always important to consult the responsible public bodies in your city, as generally each municipality has its own construction laws and rules.This will ensure that you have no future headaches.

Check the structure of the container

It may seem too obvious, because at first no one will buy a container without first taking a good look at it.But remembering is never too much.


When choosing your container, take a good look at its structure, see the amount of dents it contains.It will usually be very difficult to find a used or semi-new container without dents, however, excess dents can be a sign that that container is not good for use, especially if you are going to use it as a basis for other situations.


Take good care of your container for excess corrosion and rust.Find out what he transported before reaching you, because depending on the product transported, corrosion can be accelerated and compromise the life of your container.


Take a good look at the spars of the container, as they are the ones that give the entire support base of the same.If they have any deformation or cuts, it is good to be aware, as this container may be compromised.

Locks and doors

See if the doors close correctly until the end and without difficulties.

Test all locks, and see how they are doing.

Factory painting

Whenever you buy a container, give preference to containers with “factory paint”.This indicates that this container is relatively new, as it is still with its first painting.If by chance the chosen container has a lot of rust under the paint, try to find out what that container was carrying before reaching it.That’s why we created this text to help you make the best decisions when it comes to container.


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