Important Points to Remember With QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting

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Whether setting up your accounting software or partnering with a professional company, you’ll want to ensure you’re using a safe and secure cloud hosting service. Accounting software can store sensitive information on your computer, and you’ll want to ensure that your private information is certain. QuickBooks hosting services include safety and security measures to protect your information.


There are a few factors to consider when determining the cost of QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting. These include whether you will use the program on mobile devices, if you need to support dual monitors and whether you will need access to MS Excel or the entire MS Office suite. While there is no free lunch, these features can distinguish between a low-cost and an expensive plan.

One of the most significant advantages of QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting is that you can access your files and data from any computer, no matter where you are. For example, if you have an ill accounting staff member, they can work from home or if you’re on business. The same is true for someone who needs to do some accounting during a vacation. In addition, you can outsource some of the work to another accountant and give them direct access to your books and files.

Using a cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks enterprise is more expensive than a local version. However, this is an excellent option if you need the most advanced features. QuickBooks Enterprise has several pricing plans, separated by local and hosted service and bundled by features. The Silver Plan with hosting is marketed at $140/user per month, $1155/year, and includes priority circle support, advanced reporting, and system upgrades.


Using QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting can provide security and peace of mind. Unlike desktop versions of the software, which are susceptible to system viruses and malware, QuickBooks is hosted on a server that uses the most advanced infrastructure for data hosting. Its servers are protected with the latest firewalls, antiviruses, and IDS to help ensure the security of your data. Additionally, cloud service providers monitor server-level safety 24 hours daily to identify and fix any security flaws.

However, only some business owners are comfortable trusting the cloud with their business applications. Security is paramount, and any unauthorized access could cause considerable losses. Fortunately, QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting adheres to strict security norms and encryption techniques. End-to-end encryption ensures that only those with the correct decryption keys can read the data.

Another critical benefit of QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting is accessing the software from anywhere. This technology allows you to access QuickBooks from PCs, Chromebooks, Linux computers, and Android and iOS devices. This enables you to conduct business on the go and eliminates downtime caused by manual upgrades.

Quality of Service

When looking for a cloud hosting provider for your QuickBooks enterprise, there are certain aspects you need to look for. Consider data storage, network security, and how your provider handles Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Each business will have different requirements, and you should look for a service provider specializing in your specific needs.

Whether you need QuickBooks Desktop or cloud hosting, you should look for available features on both platforms. QuickBooks desktop hosting requires an upfront fee, while QuickBooks online hosting requires a monthly subscription fee. It is important to note that while these two options are similar in function, the difference between them is often subtle. For instance, if you only need basic accounting functions, you can opt for a basic plan. Alternatively, opt for a more robust plan that allows you to do more.

One of the most significant advantages of cloud hosting is the availability of QuickBooks software across multiple platforms. The software can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Similarly, it can also be used on Androids and iPhones. This allows users to access data on the go without having to install a specific software application. This level of flexibility is critical for any business and is why more people are moving to cloud-based systems.


QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting offers numerous benefits over traditional usage. These features include increased productivity, a consolidated platform, and remote monitoring. With QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting, you can easily manage all aspects of your accounting software from anywhere. You can even get unlimited storage space for your QuickBooks company files. This service is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses.

The cloud hosting service also includes automatic backup and recovery utilities. You can even customize the resources according to your requirements. Moreover, you can expect 24/7 technical support. The service also features a virtual desktop environment and administrative dashboards that enable administrators to see details about each user and their support tickets. QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosting offers the latest security measures, including bit data encryption and a fully-clustered multi-tier architecture.

Besides this, QuickBooks cloud hosting offers several benefits. The cloud platform allows you to access data from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This means that you can use it from home or while on vacation. This feature is great for remote access to your books and helps you collaborate with others. In addition, it allows you to share your information with an outside accountant.

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