10 Things To Look For In A Waterproofing Company In Singapore  

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Water leakage is one of the harshest enemies of residential and commercial architectures. It is one of the primary causes of structural damage that could lead to unfortunate accidents. If not inspected and repaired by a waterproofing company in Singapore, you may not only lose your prized building—but you could also face lost lives that suffered from the disaster.

Water-related damages can arise from various issues. Your builder might have inappropriately installed your roof, or your previous waterproofing guy in Singapore failed to do his job correctly. Leakages are also challenging to spot with an untrained eye. Visible symptoms such as wet patches, mould growth, and foul odour often signifies seepage at a worse stage. Specialists have to use devices that read changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture since dripping roofs and pipes are often hidden from plain sight.

While leakage and seepage might seem repairable through D-I-Y projects, it is better to call an expert who knows the intricacies of water damage repair than to rely on your hunch and online video tutorials. These professionals offer all kinds of waterproofing services in Singapore that could be tailored to suit the conditions of your structure. These leakage solutions include concrete repair, facade re-sealant, concrete roof reinforcement, and other services that your contractor may recommend depending on the severity of your case.

With the number of roof and concrete waterproofing specialists in Singapore, it could be challenging for building owners like you to pick the right one who can provide what your structure needs. To help your selection process go smoother, here are ten factors to consider when looking for a waterproofing contractor:


If you are planning to avail of waterproofing services in Singapore, you will want to work with a team of experienced professionals that possess the knowledge and skills required to fix whatever leaking issues your building has. When researching for or meeting with a contractor, ask about their background in the industry to tell how well they understand the art and science of waterproofing.



Every waterproofing company in Singapore needs to have a licence to operate and do their jobs. This essential document certifies that they are skilled and trained in providing services that solve leakage problems. Your chosen contractor should also work with your local government to obtain building permits to perform their solutions to your structure. Consider working with a bonded waterproofing specialist, too, so you will not have to pay for any concern or risk that may stem from their work.



Waterproofing contractors offer varied services that suit specific Singapore building leakage problems. One company may lack a few solutions that the others may offer, so it pays to do your research when picking a waterproofing expert. If your issue revolves around faulty roofing, do not pick a service provider who concentrates on concrete wall reinforcements since they do not have the appropriate tools and knowledge to perform the job.


Each seepage solution requires a specific set of tools to locate and fix your leakage problem. A roof waterproofing equipment in Singapore may not work if you have dripping walls—so make sure that your potential specialist has the appropriate set of supplies and machinery. They should also get training for using these pieces of equipment to avert any mishaps associated with its operation.



Workers from seepage solutions providers face countless challenges and risks when performing various waterproofing services in Singapore. They climb tall facades and stand on roofs, which could lead to dangerous circumstances. When meeting with a contractor, do not hesitate if their employees have insurance coverage. This detail will let you know that the company values the safety of its team while providing services to proprietors like you.



A trustworthy waterproofing company in Singapore that values its customers should offer warranties on their services. Despite how well their products and solutions perform, they should still present their clients with a guarantee that their services will perform as promised. While issuing warranties is not required by law, waterproofing experts who provide this feature are much more reliable than those who do not.



As with any service, your concrete or roof waterproofing specialist in Singapore should hand you a detailed contract before the project. This file should explicitly discuss the terms and conditions of their work for you and your responsibilities as their client. Take time to read this crucial document and look for any clauses that may show signs of hidden charges or suspicious demands. If you are unsure what their conditions mean, you can always ask the assistance of a legal professional to help you understand the contract.


Make a habit of reading customer reviews before getting a roof waterproofing solution from a Singapore specialist. Going through short paragraphs of testimonials that discuss personal experiences with a company will help you understand the expertise and character of your potential waterproofing service provider. Through feedbacks, you can see how well a specialist performs his job.

An-image-of-two-people-shaking-handsCustomer Care

Specialists from all types of business sectors should keep the interests of their clients a top priority. See if your soon-to-be waterproofing services expert in Singapore treats their customers right through written reviews or recommendations from fellow proprietors. Read and hear their stories about how their waterproofing specialists serve them and see if they are from a respectable company that values its customers.


While awards are not a requirement when hiring a waterproofing company in Singapore, specialists who possess those certifications are most likely to provide services that follow high-quality standards. These authentications are testaments to how well these experts showcase their knowledge and abilities when providing solutions. These certificates, plaques, and trophies are typically at the office of your chosen company, but you can also view them on their website or services list.

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