Knowing Everything About Importing Cars into Canada

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Importing cars into other countries can be quite confusing at times. And in countries like Canada, it is very important to keep in mind the rules and regulations and laws related to importing cars safely into Canada from other countries. Some of the points that should be kept in mind are listed below.

Legal Papers of the Car

The key thing related to a car is its legal papers. You should always carry your legal papers. Even when traveling domestically, one should carry their legal papers to avoid any troubles. When importing a car, it is one of the key documents to consider to prove the ownership and other details of the particular vehicle.

Hiring an Authorized Agent

Hiring an authorized and experienced agent is key to get things done smoothly. Importing cars is quite a task and without enough information about legal matters, common people may easily mess up. At this point, an agent comes to rescue. Someone who can provide valuable assistance is very necessary.

Types of Vehicles that can be Imported

Under the MVSA or Motor Vehicle Safety Acts and Regulations, there is a certain list of vehicles that can be imported without any restrictions. Passenger cars, trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, etc. are those types of vehicles that are imported with a certificate denoting that clearance of applicable standards.

Required Certification

All vehicles should have the required certifications which satisfy the general and applicable standards indicating the manufacturer’s name, the date on which the vehicle was manufactured, and also the unique identification number of the vehicle which is known as the Vehicle Identification Number.

Safety Standards of the Vehicle

A key thing that is checked and re-checked while importing the vehicle is if the vehicle follows the general safety standards. These standards include the braking system, transmission functions, identification controls, tire and wheel conditions, acceleration and clutch systems, impact protection controls, locking and anti-theft alarm systems, and many more.

Gross Value

Under no circumstances should the gross value of the vehicle change during the importing process. Repairing or alterations to the vehicle can change the gross value and can be detected easily, thus causing hindrance to the overall process. So before importing, any sort of changes to the car should be avoided.

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