Choose the Best Ways to Form Your Company

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The registration of a company is the stage of creation which gives an administrative birth to it, following the stages of drafting the business plan, meetings with funding organizations and potential partners, which make it possible to validate the feasibility of the project. We will explain to you what the necessary documents are for the constitution of a registration application file. In case of Holland company information, such as how to register the company, what is the cost, what kind of paper works should be done, A professional service can be of the best use.

Steps to register your business

Before starting the registration procedure, a certain number of prerequisites are required. Thus, the following documents must have been duly drawn up, completed, dated and signed:

Whatever the legal status:

Declarations of non-conviction and filiation dated less than 3 months for each manager and for all the partners of a civil society

  • 2 copies of the contribution auditor’s report, if applicable
  • Checks required for registration fees

In addition, it should be noted that depending on the specifics of your activity, you may be asked to provide additional documents (e.g. an AQPA form in the event of a craft activity, a declaration receipt in the event of opening a ” a drinks outlet to consume on site, an additional check if you depend on the Chamber of Trades, etc.)

  • For the registration of an LLC, you will need to add a TNS form (social status of Non-Salaried Worker) in case of majority management.
  • For the registration of an SAS, it will be necessary to add proof of the registration of the auditors on the official list as well as the letter of acceptance of their designation, if applicable.

There are no major restrictions on starting a business in Netherlands for foreigners. All citizens can do so, provided that at least one of the partners has a right of residence. This means that any French or national of a member country of the European Union with a right to stay and work in Netherlands can set up a business there.

This requires in particular obtaining a permit B allowing to work there for a period of more than one year, or even a permit C called “establishment” (see the article on the free movement of workers). It should also be noted that, for an SA, at least one member of the Board of Directors must be domiciled in Netherlands and that, at least one director authorized to sign must be domiciled in Netherlands. As such, a local administrator (lawyer, notary or trustee) can also quite easily be appointed within the Board of Directors to fulfill this obligation. In you can have the best choices for support in company formations and registrations.

Creation deadline

Netherlands stands out for its administrative simplicity in the stages of setting up and registering businesses, again to remove the obstacles to creation and entrepreneurship. Once all the documents relating to the creation have been assembled, it usually takes only two to three weeks to obtain registration. For a fee, an ‘express’ service from the Trade Register is also available and allows the creation of the business to be completed in about five days.

Dematerialization and online procedures

This is one of the strengths of the business creation process in Netherlands. Most of the paperwork can be done online from their office. A site like will advise you and allow you to take your first steps in the creation of your structure in the Dutch Confederation.

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