Debunking Myths About Crypto Mixing: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Like others, Crypto mixing has both a transparent network (Crypto mixing) and other applications. The mixing service is notable for the fact that it allows you to make very large volumes of transactions: after the public confirmation of the reserve in the amount of 2000 BTC, users can trust this mixing service, and no coins will be withdrawn. For example, depositing less than 25 BTC requires only one confirmation, while transferring 1000 BTC or more requires five confirmations.

To use this cryptomixer, you need to generate a cryptomixer code. The user should write down this code so that it can be used next time. After entering the cryptomixer code, the user must enter the output address(s) and set the time delay parameters. The delay time is set automatically and can be adjusted by the user if desired. The service fee can also be selected from the table depending on the transmission volume. An additional commission of 0.0005 BTC is charged for each transaction. In addition, the calculator on the main page helps each user to understand the number of coins sent and received after mixing.

Is crypto mixing the answer to combating surveillance capitalism?

Based on the experience of many internet users, PrivCoin is one of the best bitcoin mixers that have ever existed. The mixer supports not only bitcoin, but also other cryptocurrencies mentioned above. Coins can be exchanged on this platform. In other words, one type of coin can be deposited and received as another type of coin. This process increases the user’s privacy. The time delay function, which can be set for up to 24 hours, helps to make transactions untraceable. A transaction fee of 0.0005 is charged for each additional address.

The economics of crypto mixing: costs and benefits

ChipMixer is definitely a special cryptomixer because it is based on a completely different set of rules than other tumblers. Users can not only add coins to the mix, but also create a wallet and fill it with chips in the range from 0.01 BTC to 8,192 BTC, which can then be distributed at the discretion of the user. As soon as the chips are added to the wallet, the wallet owner will be able to deposit coins for processing. Since the chips are pre-sent to the mixing service, there is no way to track subsequent transactions and link them to the wallet owner. The platform does not charge standard transaction fees. This means that fees are distributed randomly, which makes transactions more invisible and cost-effective for the service itself. The retention period is seven days, and each user has the option to manually delete all logs before the expiration of this period. Another coin mixer Mixtum offers a so-called free trial period. The process of obtaining clear coins is also very different: mixers must send a request via Tor or Clearnet, and clear coins are purchased on the exchange.

The mixing process consists of three stages

  1. Pre-mix the coins and mix them with other coins;
  2. the coins are sent to the exchange, where they are mixed with the coins of other traders; and
  3. Send the new coins back to the original sender.

It should be noted that random amounts are sent as part of two or more transactions and thus cannot be tracked. Another reliable mixer is BitMix, which supports two cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum is coming soon. The mixing process is very standardized and similar to other mixers. The time delay function can be configured for up to 72 hours, and the sender has the option to split the transaction so that the coins are sent to multiple addresses. Thus, the sender’s money is more secure and cannot be tracked.

Both cryptocurrencies are supported on platform. This mixer is included in the list because it is fast and reliable. The transaction fee is really low and you only send 0.0001 BTC to each additional address. The division of deposited coins into five addresses also protects the anonymity of the user very effectively. Each user can choose an additional option to defer payment, which means that transactions become even more anonymous.

Another best bitcoin tumbler that is very easy to use is Bitcoin Laundry, which has a simple interface, and it is worth noting that the service fee is as low as possible – 0.0002 BTC for an additional address, which is 0.0%. The retention period is seven days, and logs saved during this period can be manually deleted by the user due to problems with future transactions. There is a time delay function that can be controlled by the mixing platform, not by the user.

BitBlender, one of the first mixing services, remains an easy-to-use and user-friendly cryptocurrency mixer. It is possible to have two accounts, one registered and one unregistered. The difference is that an unregistered application is less user-controlled.

Shuffling itself is viable, and transaction fees are charged randomly in the range of 1% to 3%, which makes it difficult to track transactions. In addition, if users transfer more than 10 BTC per week, Crypto mixing will reduce the commission by half. Thanks to the time delay function, transactions can be postponed for up to 24 hours. Bitcoin senders should be aware of security issues, as there is two-factor authentication, in which the sender is the owner of the password and the PGP key. However, in case of fraud, it is difficult to contact this coin mixer because the mixer does not provide a guarantee. Finally, there is a coin mixer that allows users to mix multiple cryptocurrencies called SmartMixer. There are currently three currencies, and Ethereum will be introduced soon. The platform offers a very simple user interface and the ability to control every step of the mixing process. Users can choose a delay of both minutes and hours, which is very convenient.Tumblr offers the opportunity to use a calculator to help users understand the final amount they will receive. The service fee varies from 1% to 5%, including additional address fees (0.00045529 BTC, 0.01072904 LTC and 0.00273174 BCH). The availability of funds from various sources allows mixing platforms, ensuring that users will not be identified. This latest mixer does not provide users with a warranty.

It is reported that the cryptocurrency mixers described in this article are reliable, since not all transactions are identifiable. It is important to choose cryptocurrency mixers wisely. Of course, online deposits can be unsafe, but using the mixers listed in the article, each user can reduce the risk and be confident in the success of their transactions.

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