5 Social Media Posts To Help You Optimise Social Commerce Platforms

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If you’re considering social commerce platforms or the internet to optimise your ecommerce store or start your venture, this is your sign to do it. If you’re doubting about having no chance against the market, think again. In 2021, Statista recorded over 2.1 billion digital buyers. The world has billions of people buying from various online stores, which means you have billions of potential buyers. That given figure was 2021. Every year, as the world revolutionises and technological advancements progress, the number of digital buyers increases along with these. Considering that the mass is becoming more dependent on various social marketing platforms, startups or ecommerce stores can exceedingly benefit nowadays.

Purchasing online has been gradually becoming a thing and more of a routine for different people across the globe. According to a study by the Danish E-Commerce Association, convenience and ease of use are the two core reasons why people prefer shopping on social commerce platforms and the web. Social marketing platformsoffer convenience, allowing online shoppers to set their orders effortlessly, giving detailed and concise information about the product, and providing more uncomplicated ways to place payments.

If this motivated you to kickstart your ecommerce store, then you are making a good decision. However, as a business owner, you should also know the difference between selling and serving on your social commerce platforms. To help you feel cosy with providing solutions to your customer needs, here are a few social media posts that can sell your business freely.



Since online shopping, in general, is growing so fast, using social commerce platformscan be beneficial for you. However, ensure that your ecommerce store is set and optimised for user experience. Thus, serving vs selling. Maybe you are good at posting high-value and -quality content on your social marketing platforms but not making any money yet or lacking audience interaction. An efficient and well-structured user experience equals customer satisfaction. If your customers feel inconvenienced, it deters 80% of people and potential shoppers. If you want sales, tactics and tips, here are five social media posts for browsing pleasure.



Whether you are just starting, launching, or in the process of selling, big or small, no matter what your business is, you must always apply PSO or problem, solution, and offer. This super simple technique can bring you a high number of sales. Just remember the application of PSO on your social commerce platforms.

  1. The first thing business owners must do on their social marketing platformsis pinpoint the problem. Assess what your customer requires, issues they dealt with, and problems they encountered along the shopping process. Let them know you understand them. Assess their situation, manage what they need help with, and find solutions.
  2. Next, find solutions you believe are the BEST way to solve that problem. Teach them, your customers, ways on what they need help with or how they can resolve the issue. You can also consider making a FAQs page or tab on your social commerce platforms and guide your buyers toward it. Doing so can instantly provide them with solutions if they have the same issues again.
  3. Lastly, mention your offers. Share your philosophy about the best way to get what they deserve. If they encounter any inconvenience on your social marketing platforms, offer them something as compensation. These offers can be through discount codes or exclusive access to new arrivals.


You can also consider posting a teachable moment from a recent conversation with a client. Make a poster showing what you and your customer interacted about on your social commerce platforms. This strategy can showcase appreciation to your client while letting the world and your audience know how enthusiastic and well your business is. If there are also some parts of the conversation where you think other audiences can relate to the situation, you can consider posting it.



Posting success stories on your social commerce platformsis also an effective way to advertise your ecommerce store freely. You can share how you and your most recent client made a significant and meaningful change. For instance, if you’re selling a skincare product, your success story can be how your business helped a girl achieve a glass-skin-like or glowing, radiant face. You can show a transformation photo. This technique can earn the interest and capture the attention of the mass. Transformation, success stories, and results can empower shoppers to try it. If it is possible for your clients, it can be possible for others too.

When posting these photos and stories on your social marketing platforms, emphasise the moral of the story, highlight the before and after, and convince your potential buyers to join the action or give them a chance to try it.



Another way to spice up your social marketing platformsis by posting inside scoops. Spill the tea, let the mass know the beans, show some behind the scenes, and share the ins and outs of your business offers. Be it regular customers, potential buyers, or random people on the internet, let them know your business is up to something. Share insiders about who your products are for, how they can help them achieve what they aspire to have, why using these is essential, how it works, and what makes you design the product and packaging that way.


Finally, another way to optimise your social marketing platformsis by diagnosing problems. Ask questions from your customers, previous, regular, current, and potential ones, regarding some concerns with their progress or customer experience. Once you figure out the issues, you can present some offers as the solution. Some good questions to consider are ‘how they would describe their experience?’, ‘What stands out or is something unforgettable about the entire process?’, ‘What is probably the worst obstacle in their transformation journey?’, ‘Do you feel excited using the product?’ and the like.


There you have it! The key to optimising social commerce platformsis customer interaction. Without this, you are just serving. Your primary goal should always be selling instead of serving. You may have eye-appealing products and goods to sell, but your business is not making any sales or money yet. Selling on social media, marketing platforms, and the internet is about balance. Strike a balance between selling and serving. With these combined and good customer interactions, you can take your business towards a good market position, welcome your potential clients with open arms, and drive more sales.

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