Hitfort Offering pricing for success

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Affordable prices are attractive incentives to partnering with a 3rd party shipping provider. But it’s not just the amount paid that tells the full story about the value of the service a business client receives.

There are a host of 3rd-party shipping companies offering services from the United States to other countries. The scope of their services is extensive.

Hitfort is a leader in the 3rd-party shipping area and a pro in the order fulfillment service. Its offers competitive prices and work with business clients to improve revenues and expand domestically and globally. The company streamlines operations to save money and passes on discounts to clients. Clients who do high volume business with the company, see even larger savings. And there are service plans for customers who need a convenient way to receive occasional correspondence, the company says on its website Hitfort.com.

Choices on costs

Hitfort, which is owned by Wilkes Tech and offers basic mail forwarding service plans that start at $19.95 a month. Service plans, however, do not commit business clients to stay in any long-term relationship with the company. Clients can opt-out of any plan whenever they want, which can be an attractive feature.

As part of its order fulfillment services, the company offers comprehensive logistics solutions, transportation management, and handles incoming and outgoing orders. It also provides other services, including order fulfillment, fulfillment by Amazon, inspection, quality control, and consultant services.

For these order fulfillment services, Hitfort has “very affordable” service plans for business clients. “We are able to offer such great services at these low prices because we aggressively negotiate with our vendors and carriers to get the best rates we possibly,” the company states on its website at Hitfort.com. The company passes on those savings to business clients.

Cost savings also come with having quality staff. The company’s leadership and management team uses feedback from both customers and employees to assess performance and identify areas that need improvement. The data helps Hitfort create new services and plans to its for customers and can reduce cost.

Other 3rd party shipping providers offer a variety of service pricing options for customers.

For example, Shop & Ship has a flexible membership plan for members. Like some shipping service provider, Shop & Ship sets shipping rates based on the package weight, not dimensions. And Shop & Ship calculates its shipping rates for every 100 grams instead of the usual 500 grams. The company also offers discounts on shipping rates for heavier packages.

Viabox, another 3rd party shipping provider, uses the international standard to determine the billable weight of shipped packages. The company points out that all international shipping carriers base their rates on the billable weight.

And at MyUS, users of international shipments from the U.S. pay for service based on the package weight. According to its website, MyUS has $250 million in worldwide member purchases shipped to its USA facility in the past year. And the company ships regularly to 220 countries. MyUS offers customers other ways to save money, including the opportunity to save on U.S. sales tax packages they ship internationally.

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